Satanik Küntkvlt

by Hoeverlord

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Wallow Within I'm still uncertain weither I really appreciate putting some "fun" in the dark arts or not. As most bands fail horribly on their mission Hoeverlord has really pulled it off. It's a mix of fine Black Metal and Motörhead. Acclaimed by many, mastered by few. This here is absolutely fantastic.
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Black'n'Roll from Nantes, France
Released through Throats Productions

All music written by Antar
All lyrics by Sado-Roméro


released January 29, 2018

Antar - Cunt Tormentor & Strings Manipulation
Sado-Roméo - Hateful Doominative Bondage Chants
Puneesher - Satanic Alpha Male Psalms

Recording, Mix & Mastering by Spearhead Sounds
Artwork & Layout by Damned Arts
Logo by Design of the Hammer
Photos by Simon Grumeau

Guest appearances :
Spoken words by Große Shaggath
Backings on "Whore Flesh", "Virgin Ritual" and "Gagged Girls Don't Say No" by Piector
Additional guitars on "Infernal Whipping Invocation" by Piector
Solos on "Ahriman's Tail" and "Gagged Girls Don't Say No" written and recorded by Nicolas Muller
Ambiant guitar stuff on interlude by Hippolyte D.


all rights reserved



Hoeverlord Nantes, France


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Track Name: Nekro Patriarch
I am the all powerful Lord
Almighty as a god
Sitting on a throne made of flesh and bones
Surrounded by an obedient crowd

My will is law, my word is sacred
Answer me and you’ll be wasted
The slave under my feet
Cum-eating, compliant bitch

I am the Nekro Patriarch
I am the Undying Monarch
Come serve to my court
It’s your last resort

I will decide if you live or die
A wrong word and you won’t survive
In the corners of my cave
The bodies of the braves

At the end of the leash, my favorite
My gimp, slavery
If she wanna drink, her face will be my chair
’Til her face is red by the lack of air
Track Name: Satanik Küntkvlt
Satanik Kuntkult !

Welcome to this black room
Torture device’s shapes
Appearing in the fumes
Candles, chains and drapes

Satanik Kuntkult !

Your sin is existing, depraved and brainless
Your body, mind and soul will be put on trial
And the end result won’t be painless
Vaginal fluids, blood, tears and bile

Evil we are, and evil we will be
Nothing you’ll say will set you free
Wicked as you are, your moral is absent
We’re not blind but holding the balance

You owe a debt for your lifestyle
We know the end of this trial !
Satanik Kuntkult !

Your punishment is the moratorium
For all to see, from the auditorium
Satanik Kuntkult !

Cupping and cutting
Caning and pegging
Your labias, this insult
Satanik Kuntkult !
Track Name: Bondage For Satan
For our Master, Satan's almighty
We'll prepare his prey, still lively
Not longer after he laid eyes on her
The bitch had no chance to run

Bondage for Satan
Ropes and knots on your skin
Bondage for Satan
Tied up to the baldachin

A layer then another, nothing will make us stop
To tie you up, and break you up
Tight knots, loops and bend,
Playing the rope like an instrument

Bondage for Satan
Ropes and knots on your skin
Bondage for Satan
Tied up to the baldachin

You see us crawling all around you
The ropes lying down from the roof
Soon are hooked to your body
Slowly pulling you up, for all of us to see

The ropes are too tight
The blood has left some parts
White limbs hanging from the ceiling
Crushed will for our master's envy
Track Name: Whore Flesh
Innocent soul captured by the ghouls
Powerful creature, ruthless and cruel
In your mouth a mix of blood and drool
You scream when you see the torture’s tools

Whore Flesh ! Marked by the demonic cattle prod
Whore Flesh ! The loss of your will, submission’s need

The stick burns your flesh, shapping your will
A gapping void inside you, a need to fill
Submit to every dick is now your only thrill
Used and abused, your holes destroyed and drilled

Whore Flesh ! Marked by the demonic cattle prod
Whore Flesh ! The loss of your will, submission’s need

Carnal desire.
Inside you, a wild fire
A set of holes, living cum tray
Bow to your hellish masters !

Whore Flesh ! Marked by the demonic cattle prod
Whore Flesh ! The loss of your will, submission’s need
Whore Flesh ! Whore Flesh !
Track Name: Virgin Ritual
An ancient prophecy, foretold by the seers
The evil spirit, destroyer of cities
Razing the tallest towers with his tail,
Flapping wings to the darkest sky

Only the gilded sword could stop it
Determination of a disenchanted man
Nothing to loose, nothing to fear
The defeated monster put back to sleep

Fir twigs, owl eyes mixed with mud
A full moon night, the stars aligned
One more item for the awakening potion
The fluids of a fresh maiden, the Rippling King’s scion

The demons dance, the fire is burning high
Little one, we’ll feast on your body tonight
New feelings, filled for the very first time
To awake evil, virgin ritual !
Track Name: Ahriman's Tail
I'm the voice in your head, the demon on your shoulder
I manipulate and makes you hate one another
My only goal is to prove your selfishness
I disregard humans and thrive on endless mess

And my power lash on your brain
Feel the power of Ahriman's Tail

No higher power can stand up
To the strength of degenerate
Mens are worthless animals
Best beaten down and tamed

A whip with three ends, whistling in the air
Bringing you past the edge of despair
A flood of pain on impact
Words to reprogram your act

I'll beat you, break you, mold you
Into a willingness puppet
I'll make your desire bleed and bend
No one can resist the power of Ahriman's Tail

And my power lash on your brain
Feel the power of Ahriman's Tail
Track Name: In Chastity
Why would you revere this man ?
Do you know who he really was ?
What do you think was under his loin cloth ?
Take a guess, have a look !

Yes it’s a cock cage you see
Rusty metal locked by a key
Cause all he was, and all he could be
Was a little slut for his Daddy

Jesus was in chastity
A little fag, submissive
Jesus was in chastity
Just a puppy for his Daddy

Who could be responsible for this ?
Which man could be worthy of his holy body ?
Judas !
Kiss and betrayal or deep throat and anal ?

He may have died on the cross
How do you think he stayed alive so long ?
He had so much training, became so strong
He was bound by St Andrew and spoiled

Jesus was in chastity
Spikes in his holy cock
Jesus was in chastity
Property of Master Iscariot

“Is that all”, you ask ? Are you disappointed ?
But don’t worry, the story doesn’t end here
What could I say about Mary Magdalene ?

Integral part of the relationship, more cruel than Judas
She was teasing the dog until his cock bleed and he screams stop
His christian circle plugged by St Francis cross
Leaving him bruised, showing him who’s the boss

Jesus was in chastity
Jesus was in chastity
Jesus was in chastity
Track Name: Gagged Girls Don't Say No
Red rubber ball in your mouth
Covered in tears and drool
Gagged Girls Don’t Say No !

Fiery in your eyes, hate unspoken
A toy made to be broken
Gagged Girls Don’t Say No !

Choke, gag and moan
Foam at the mouth, you’ll be mine
Submitted to my will, like a bitch in heat
A set of holes, ready to obey me ‘cause…
Gagged Girls Don’t Say No !

Gaping asshole, bleeding and pulsing
Like it or not, you’ll obey my thrusting
Gagged Girls Don’t Say No !

Your only goal is to be used
Cum bucket, sex doll, fucktoy
Gagged Girls Don’t Say No !
Track Name: Infernal Whipping Invocation
Somewhere in a cold dark room
With walls covered by runes
Thousand of mens, faces covered by hoods
From their throat, a distressing tune

In the center, surrounded by the crowd
Five women, beautiful and naked,
On wooden horses, bowed
Humiliation, fear and confusion, jaded

Infernal Whipping !
Till the blood is dripping !
Infernal Whipping !
Agony for the devil’s rising !

Again and again, the whips are cracking
To the rhythm of the evil singing
On their backs, on their thighs, popper’s lashing
Screams of pain, blood and wounds for its coming

Oh Master, thou cometh to your Sons
Accept this tainted flesh
We wash it of its sins, by the discipline of our whips
We’re offering you those vain females

Under the punishment, from their throat, low growls
Their limbs shiver, heads dangling to the floor
The blood running from their wounds to the altar
A coffin pulsating, darkness, sex and war

The coffin opens and in the mist He stands
A deformed abomination, an horrific lust nightmare

“My minions you did well, to serve my coming
Take those heap of flesh and use them ’till death
Then be ready to unleash violence on this toxic humanity !
We’ll enslave every twisted hoes
And slay every trace of resistance.
This world will be ours, to obey to our beastly vision !”

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